Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why You Need To Take Your Children Sailing

Photo courtesy of Emerald Lady Sailing in Destin, FL
I had the opportunity to experience sailing a few years ago and it wasn't soon after we departed that I knew I'd be doing this a lot in the future. After my first trip, I was taking every opportunity I had to get on a sailboat. I don't really know why I love sailing so much. Maybe it's because the nostalgic aspect of sailing intrigues me. We live in a society that is consumed by electronics and machines so the fact that we are using the power of mother nature to enjoy this experience was gratifying. Without a boat engine grumbling in the water, the calm and serenity of the wind and ocean is all you can hear. I'm sure most American who sailed before can relate to my assessment!

I know that most of our customers that book sailing charters are typically older, but I'm here to say that sailing is a must for children. Every time I see a child get behind the wheel and get the feel for what being a captain is like, I can see a sense of pride and excitement. In a world dominated by machines, children are prisoners of their own devices and sailing is something that liberates them. They know that they are completely in control and its very real!

There are private sailing tours all over the Gulf Coast and they are not much  more than what a dolphin cruise costs. The captains are very accommodating and have an interest in sharing their passion with families and children. Next time you visit, don't miss out on this opportunity to enlighten your children who may be consumed by a world that is leaving behind these amazing experiences. Happy Sailing!