Friday, January 9, 2015

This is why you are not getting the best deals for your vacation

Every year we get travelers asking us how they can get exclusive deals for their next trip. The truth is, we never hold back our offers and actively promote them on-site, email and social media. The problem that most face is that they are just not ready to book yet. Just like anything else you buy, making an early purchase will save you money (sometimes a lot of it). Yes, you may find last minute deals when hotels don't fill their rooms, but when you are talking peak summer season on the Gulf Coast, this happens rarely. Next time you see a great deal, but you are weeks or months away from your trip, keep these tips in mind.

1) If you are not ready to buy when good deals are available, buy anyway and make sure you can move the dates around for limited or no fees. Sometimes it is much cheaper to pay $50 to move dates around than pay another $250-300 for the same room at a later date.

2) Did you know that some travel agencies offer flexible payment plans? It doesn't hurt to ask if you can't afford to pay the deposit at the time of booking. If you see a great offer and pay day doesn't come for another 2 weeks, ask and you may receive a lower deposit amount.

3) If the deal expires before you get paid, ask the agent if you can extend the promo for them or book it on a courtesy hold. This is not an option if you book online, but letting us know what your needs are can help get what you want.

The main theme here is it doesn't hurt to ask for flexible options if you need them. We want your business and will do our best to get it! Happy booking in 2015!