Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why I Don't Worry About Sharks Anymore

It's a pretty common question we get here at TripShock.

"We are scared to go on this tour because of sharks...."

Let's face it, we all think about it when we get into the ocean no matter how many times we've stepped in. Even though it's still in the back of my mind when i go ocean swimming, I had a moment in my life that made me completely forget about those worries.

Several years ago, I had my peace with sharks after I went fishing in the Destin area. We had a really great time and caught two 5 foot sharks in the bay. When we brought these sharks on the boat, they were absolutely helpless. Without water or space, they sat there exhausted and with little to protect themselves. Aside from the occasional tail whip, they were at our mercy. We took some photos and put them back in the water.

that's me in the middle!

After I got done fishing that night, I thought about the sharks we caught and how these infamous creatures were no different than any other animal. They didn't posses any supernatural powers nor did they eat us alive on the boat. To make myself clear, they are a really big fish with teeth!

So are these teeth for eating humans? No.

Sharks eat fish, just like other fish like to eat fish too. Shark attacks are typically caused from humans being confused as fish. Sharks are also not the only fish that confuse humans as food as even the pin fish will nibble at your fingers and toes!

If I ever get bitten by a shark in the future, I will know it was a big fish confusing me for food and it was totally random. We have to accept in our society that random and freak accidents do occur and we have to live our days with the possibility of anything happening. 

If I still don't have you convinced to let your guard down, you can take a few preventative steps to lower your odds of being bitten. Happy swimming folks!