Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Travel To the Gulf Coast

As the Summer starts to wind down and the kids go back to school, the Gulf Coast changes from a bustling tourist town to a sleepy beach destination as it was before the area was promoted worldwide. Those that are able to visit the Gulf Coast in the Fall can take advantage of less traffic, short waits at restaurants, and discounted lodging and tours. Here are the top 5 reasons why Fall is the best time to visit the Gulf Coast (In no particular order).

1. Weather

The weather on the Gulf Coast would be considered perfect by some. Mild humidity and temps (75-85 degrees) make it comfortable to be outside for long periods of times. It may get a little cool at night, but a light jacket or sweater is all you need to fix that. Just because it's cooler out, don't underestimate the powerful sun! Use sunscreen when on the beach at all times to prevent sunburns.

2. Traffic

The traffic on the Gulf Coast during the Summer is worse than any major city in the US during rush hour. It certainly makes you want to stay in your hotel all week long! However, in the Fall the traffic is 1/4 of what you'll see in the Summer. Don't waste your precious vacation time sitting in a car.

3. Deals

My favorite part of visiting in the Fall has got to be the deals! Hotel rates will decrease by up to 50% from Summer and activity prices also drop significantly. This makes a great opportunity to make a quick getaway if you're on a budget. Visit for a lot of great deals on hotels and lodging

4. Festivals 

Some of the best festivals on the Gulf Coast happen in the Fall. In Destin, the annual Seafood Festival is in September that kicks off the October Fishing Rodeo. Also, the popular Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores kicks off in early October. Check out the city or county websites for your Gulf Coast destination for more information on festivals and events in the Fall.

5. Parking & Restaurant Waits

Who likes spending hours trying to find parking spots at crowded shopping malls or wait hours for a table at a restaurant? In the Fall, you don't have to worry about that! Restaurants are so hungry for business that not only do you get seated right away, but a lot of coupons and specials are available. 

Did we make a good case for the Fall? :-)