Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Florida Red Snapper Season - What You Need To Know

Destin, FL offers some of the world's best saltwater fishing. Anglers with both novice and advance skill levels travel to the Emerald Coast hoping to snag a prized catch in the Gulf of Mexico. From sharks to sea bass, no fish is out of range while casting a rod and reel in Destin, FL. But with any sport, there is always the "game-ender". For baseball it's a grand slam, hockey it's a hat-trick, and for Destin saltwater fishing it's catching the coveted Red Snapper. The Red Snapper is so fun to catch, and the meat is so delicious it has become the focus of many Destin fishing charter trips.

While a large Red Snapper could give a child angler a run for his or her money, they don't grow quite as large as other game fish or popular table fare, making Snapper hunting the basis of many Destin family fishing trips. The typical Red Snapper grows to a maximum of around 25 pounds, with the largest Red Snapper caught in Florida weighing 46 pounds (caught off the Destin, FL coast). Red Snapper are typically found in deep waters, and like to hangout in schools near reefs, shipwrecks, and oil rigs. Your best chance at catching some tasty Snapper is to head out to deep waters, either in your own boat, or by booking a Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Destin. Because of the value of Red Snapper, there have been state and federal law restrictions placed on the species. In 2015, new laws were put into effect that will offer a much longer and more fruitful Snapper Season to for-hire vessels, while tightening up on private vessels. Here is what you need to know about the 2015 Florida Red Snapper Season. (read more...)