Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why is Destin's Crab Island So Popular?

Over the past decade, most tourists would make a pit stop to crab island to hang out on the sandbar and enjoy the views. It wasn't much more than a safe place to anchor the boat and socialize with the various people hanging out at the island. As each year passed, the scene at Crab Island has slowly turned into an attraction of it's own kind. A mixture of family fun and adult entertainment (the non-pornographic kind) has overrun this sleepy little spot, which has some people excited and others upset. Regardless of what type of atmosphere you prefer at Crab Island, there isn't much that can be done to stop the growth of this party spot.

So what makes Crab Island so Popular? The answer is not one sided as there are several factors that come into play. The main reason people go to Crab Island is because it's a social scene. Tourists and locals get to enjoy each other's company over food and drinks. There are volleyball nets setup and even a floating stage with live music nearly every day in the Summer. Floating restaurants and watersport companies have made themselves a home at Crab Island with providing more family entertainment with slides and ice cream. Kids enjoy the shallow water and play games while mom and dad float around the island. The scene can be hectic at times on a busy Summer day, but sometimes more people make it an interesting experience.

If you're looking to make Crab Island part of your next Destin vacation, take a few of these tips provided by MyCrabIsland.com

1) Crab Island is more adult orientated after 1pm. We recommend families visit in the morning.
2) Leave early to find a good spot to anchor your boat.
3) Make sure to use the restroom prior to departing to Crab Island. There are no restrooms available at the site.
4) Lock up your personal items when your boat is unattended.
5) If you are not an experienced boater, it's sometimes best to have some of your people get out in the water and guide the boat into a spot rather than trying to drive through Crab Island.