Monday, July 7, 2014

Check Out The Latest Water Attractions in Destin, FL!

2014 seems to be the year of thrill rides here in Destin. We have introduced two new boats here on the Harbor that offer a fast paced, wave ripping, arm throwing good time!

The Screaming Eagle is an American themed boat with a beautiful wrap of old faithful. The trip will take you through the East Pass while the captain and first mate offer the recollections of the history of Destin. Once you hit the East Pass, get ready to hit some waves with speeds over 45 MPH! This trip is great for families with the exception of young children (under 3) and pregnant women. Book the Screaming Eagle Online on TripShock today. 

The Hydrojet (AKA The World's Largest Jet Ski) is a 24 passenger vessel that sits customers like they are actually riding a jet ski. There is no boat quite like this so get ready for a most unique experience. Exceed speeds over 40 MPH while hitting waves and spinning 180 degrees at a moments notice! Hang on tight and enjoy this exciting excursion! Book your seats online for the Hyrdojet through TripShock.