Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why Parasailing Is One of the Safest Activities Your Family Will Do

Parasailing has taken a lot of flack as of late because of the serious incident of two teens in Panama City Beach in 2013. Before I continue, I just want anyone to know that I'm extremely saddened by this event and this is by no means a blog about protecting the parasailing companies. Florida's government has recently made moves to regulate the industry to make sure things like this don't happen again, and it's about time they did! Most parasailing companies welcome the regulation because they want the outfits that are not following the rules to stop before others get hurt and insurance premiums sky rocket. With that said, some tourists still believe parasailing is a very dangerous sport and it's far from it.

I have sold various tours and excursions along the Gulf Coast for several years and I have witnessed it all. From people nearly drowning on snorkel trips (in shallow water) and jet ski's losing control and nearly colliding with concrete bridges. These type of stories are on the news almost every week in the Summer and garner almost little reaction from concerned parents. However, any miscue with a parasailing trip that results in even a minor injury can get regional or national attention very quick. I have worked very closely with parasailing operators and I do know they are very caring individuals and safety fanatics. They make sure everything is just perfect to avoid injury or issues at all costs. They know the world is watching them because with one injury, the negative PR can put them out of business and hurt them financially.

When I talk to a customer wanting to parasailing, I first tell them it's a very safe sport and it's among the safest you can do next to a boat tour. I would start by searching online and finding companies with great reviews before going for best price. One you find the company you want to fly with, here are some questions I would considering asking before flying just to insure the company you are flying is reputable.

1) Are you insured?
2) Is the equipment new? If not, when was it last inspected?
3) Is the captain & crew experienced?
4) Do you fly near buildings or condos? If so, can we go someone more open? 

Websites like make sure the companies are reputable and insured so it's one less step you have to take when finding the right company.

Even some of the most experienced companies will have isolated incidents where the rope breaks or a rogue storm blows in with some strong wind gusts, but the flyer should fall to the water with no harm. Thing will happen, but having a professional team will make sure there is a plan B. 

I hope this post is more of an informative one that can help you enjoy this exciting activity without the worry. How about we end this blog with a cool parasailing video! If you're visiting the Gulf Coast, check out TripShock for finding the best parasailing companies.