Saturday, May 3, 2014

Best Snorkeling Spots in Destin, FL

Not many people would think Destin could be a great snorkeling destination, but it really is. It may not have the coral reefs with several species of bright tropical fish, but the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico has some surprises in store. Popular marine wildlife such as crabs, fish, urchins and even dolphins make friendly visits during a snorkel excursion. So you're probably thinking where to go when snorkeling in Destin so let's run down a few hot spots.

Destin East Jetty
The East Jetty is without a doubt the best location for snorkeling. The large rocks make a hot bed for marine wildlife. You can access this location by boat or through the Osteen Public Beach Access. Most tourists go with a snorkel tour company because they provide the gear and the fish food. There is also someone available as a life guard in case something goes wrong during the trip. 

Crab Island
Crab Island could be congested during the season with several boaters lined up to hang out, but on the outskirts of the sandbar are shallow weed beds that make a fun snorkeling experience. You will find popular marine wildlife such as fish, crabs and more in this area. It's best to rent a pontoon boat to access this location or take the popular Crab Island Excursion that departs from the Destin Harbor. 

A Beach Near You
The beach can be a perfect place to snorkel when the water is calm and clear. Typically, the mornings are best for snorkeling and there are typically pockets of shallow areas that are protected by waves. Walk down the beach some to find that perfect place. Look for structures such as large rocks or parts of old docks that are still in the ground. You may be close to a great snorkel spot that you won't have to travel far to enjoy. 

Wherever you decide to snorkel, the beautiful emerald green waters of Destin should never disappoint those looking for the experience!