Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why It's Worth Hiring A Destin Photographer For Your Next Family Portrait

Over the past several years, TripShock has sold thousands of beach photo packages along the coast. Although the price can be more than most families can afford, the real cost is losing the opportunity of taking home a vacation memory that lasts a lifetime. I go to the beach often and always see families trying to get the perfect group shot without professional help. I'm not an expect by any means as my photography knowledge is limited, but its unfortunate that these families will not achieve their desired results using timers, make-shift tripods, and my most favorite - asking the guy walking by to snap a few photos.

Hiring a photographer may seem like an expensive service, but it's really not. Most photographers have a variety of options that fit almost any budget. On TripShock, Destin photographers offer packages starting from under $99, which is no more than a nice meal for 4 at a local restaurant. If this next vacation or getaway is a rare occasion, it's even more of a reason to make sure the moment is captured just right.

Here is what the photographers have to say.

1- Hire a photographer to find the best landscapes for your photos
Locations like Destin and Panama City Beach have beautiful beaches, but local photographers can find the best locations that offer incredible backdrops.

2- Hire a photographer for their expertise and capture techniques
A photographer will make sure everyone in the group is posed to perfection. It's also good to consider the candid moments during a photo session, which a great photographer will capture.  

3- Hire a photographer because they can edit photos
A photographer spends more than half of their time editing photos. Don't let a strand of hair or a bird flying by ruin another photo.

4- Hire a photographer because you're on vacation!
This is my favorite point of all. You are on vacation so let someone else do the work! Some people will get very upset if their photos don't turn out right since they only have limited time to get it right. There is no need to have this added stress.