Monday, May 18, 2015

What's New at the Destin Boardwalk for 2015

2015 brings exciting new change to the Destin Harbor. New waterfront shops, restaurants, and family fun attractions are now open to the public, and with the already stunning lineup of things to do, visitors have even more of a reason to head to the Destin Harbor this summer. The Destin Harbor Boardwalk, also known as "Destin Harborwalk Village", has been growing in recent years, kick started by the construction of The Emerald Grande in 2007, and continuing to add new attractions annually.

The hustle and bustle of the Harbor continues both day and night, with the buzz of fishing boats and plenty of Destin kid friendly things to do starting in the morning, and restaurants and nightclubs open late. 2015 has brought Destin vacationers new eateries like 10 on the Harbor seafood, and kids gaming headquarters Bricks & Boards toy store, but summer 2015 also presents new activities for the whole family in the Destin Harbor;

Try one of these activities on your next trip to Destin, FL!


Barefoot Pirates Treasure Quest

This Destin pirate cruise offers so much more than a novelty boat ride. Barefoot Pirates Treasure Quest is a deluxe pirate adventure for kids, with all the treasure hunting, pirate fighting, and water cannon shooting your little ones can handle! Children (and adults) are completely submersed into the world of swashbuckling buccaneers, with costume dress up, face painting, and pirate props included in the tour. With the animated "Captain Bones" hosting the trip, kids will be entertained learning about the pirate way of life, while adults enjoy stunning views of the Destin Harbor, and Choctawhatchee Bay shoreline. For more info on Barefoot Pirates Treasure Quest including ticket sales, visit Destin Pirate Cruise at

destin pirate cruise

Bart Rockett Magic Theater

Bart Rockett is a world-renowned magician setting up shop in Destin, Florida this summer. The entertainment value of Bart Rockett's shows extend past the edge of the stage, involving audiences in lots of his tricks and illusions, and leaving spectators questioning if it really is "just an act". His show is perfect for all ages, and takes place in the center of Harborwalk Village on the main stage. There are a limited number of Destin magic show tickets available so be sure to book in advance! For more information on Bart Rockett Magic Theater including ticket sales, please visit Destin Harbor Magic Show at

destin harbor magic show

Hydro Bikes

Looking for a cool new way to explore the Destin Harbor? Hydro Bikes provide a safe vehicle to cruise the Destin Harbor with friends and family. Hydro Bikes are incredibly stable, and contain cup holders and an on-board dry cubby. On one of these brand new watercraft, riders have the option of racing friends, sightseeing, or hopping in the water for a quick dip! Small dogs are welcome to ride along, and life vests and emergency whistles are included with every vehicle rental. Trips last anywhere from 1-8 hours, giving plenty of time to use the bikes however you feel! For more information on Hydrobike rentals including advanced booking, please visit Destin Hydro Bike Rentals at

destin harbor water bike rentals

Even More Things To Do in the Destin Harbor!

Families that have visited the Destin Harbor in the past will be happy to know that some of their favorite activities are still here in 2015. Some of the great attractions offered by Amusements USA including Harborwalk Village Mining Co., Kids Zone Bungee Jumping, and Water Spheres haven't moved, and many of the same face painters and caricaturists are still creating their unique works of art in the Destin Harbor. The 7D Movie theater, an interactive movie roller coaster and thrill ride, is playing the favorites like "Zombies" and "Los Banditos", and 2015 brings even bigger summer events than ever before including the Destin Memorial Day Concert Celebration and 4th of July fireworks show.

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